New to SPPS -- Students

Welcome to Saint Paul Public Schools! The district provides students with access to a variety of applications and systems.  Click on the links below to learn more about the technology applications used in SPPS.

Guidelines for Acceptable Use of Technology by Students

Students are expected to know and follow the Guidelines for Acceptable Use of Technology by Students, which is available here.  The Technology Use Agreement can be found here.  Parents and guardians have the right to limit their child's access to technology.  Any parent or guardian who wishes to restrict their child's access to technology resources must complete the Technology Opt-Out Form, which is available here.

Computer Access / Active Directory / Network Storage

SPPS provides students with managed access to district computers and a network storage folder.  Students access computers and network storage by entering their Active Directory (AD) user name and password.  An Active Directory user name looks like S###### where the # is replaced by the student identification number.  This user name and password is also used to access SPPS Apps, eLearn/Moodle, and Campus Student Portal.

Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to learn how to change your Active Directory password.

Campus Student Portal

Campus Student Portal provides secondary students with access to a web portal to view their class grades, attendance, and assignments.   The Campus online gradebook is used only at the secondary level, and is not available for elementary students.  Students use their Active Directory user name and password to log in to the Student Portal.   Click here to log in to Student Portal.


The District provides all active SPPS students with an SPPS Apps account, which is the Saint Paul Public Schools' version of Google Apps for Education, and is the primary communication and collaboration tool for students.  SPPS Apps accounts provide students with access to a district email account, Google Calendar, Google Docs / Drive, and other approved Google applications. Student access to various applications, and their ability to share within or outside of SPPS Apps, is based on grade-level groupings within SPPS Apps.  Students log in to SPPS Apps with their Active Directory user name and password.  This account is automatically created when an Active Directory account is created for a student.   To access SPPS Apps, go to  If you are having problems logging in to SPPS Apps, click here to view Troubleshooting Tips.  

eLearn / Moodle

Moodle is the learning management system used to provide access to secure online classroom spaces, and is available at  Teachers can create online classes to store class resources, host online discussions, collect assignments, or deliver online tests.  Students log in to eLearn with their Active Directory user name and password.  Classes require a one-time enrollment key, provided by the teacher, to enter the class.  Guest access is not permitted on, and classroom interactions are limited to a teacher and his/her students.