The security and integrity of district technology resources is the responsibility of everyone in the district.  The Technology Services Department employs an Intrusion Detection System (IDS), firewall, and anti-virus software to protect district resources from attack. In addition, the district manages authorized access to SPPS systems.  SPPS employees and students are expected to manage and protect their computers, devices, and files.

The Intrusion Detection System provides a defensive layer of security for the district network.  It monitors network activities for malicious behavior and can block or prevent those activities. The firewall provides a barrier between computers outside of the district network and the district's internal networks, and provides a line of defense from hackers and intruders.  Sophos anti-virus software is installed on all district computers.  Maintenance of anti-virus software is vital to protecting SPPS' technology investment, as well as safeguarding the privacy of student data.

If users suspect that a system has been compromised or is being attacked, they should immediately report the incident to the Service Desk at 603-4357.